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Morrisons Groceries.

发行商: Morrisons
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone


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Food, drink and more to your door…
Now you can use your laptop, mobile and tablet device to shop online with Morrisons. Take a look at the handy features below to see how we’re making it easier than ever to shop online, wherever you are.

Please note that two versions of the app are available to cover our different delivery zones in the UK. To make things easy, we’ll automatically direct you to the right one for your area during the download process.

Online Shopping Made Easy
● Log in with your Facebook account (that’s one less password to remember)
● Stay sync’d with your account - start an order on your computer and
complete it on the app (or vice versa)
● Shop quickly using your ‘Favourites’ - find all the things you buy regularly in one place.(we’ll
automatically add your popular purchases after every shop you do).
● Keep track of your current orders - go back in to check your ordered items, and add or edit
your shop easily before your delivery cut-off.

Reasons to shop with

Convenience -
Choose from handy one hour delivery slots 7 days a week and try food shopping online using a laptop, mobile or tablet

Quality -
We’ll deliver British farmed foods to your doorstep. Choose hundreds of fresh products, all with the same quality and best before

Value -
Shop weekly special offers and browse thousands of Price Crunch offers, as well as low Morrisons prices on everyday essentials


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193 条评价

Shockingly bad app

As a developer myself I usually try to give other apps the benefit of the doubt, but this app shows you everything, whether in stock or not. When it loads the products the app struggles to load the photos for each product. Sometimes the photo never loads so the user has to carefully read the description to make sure you know which pack you’re buying. I would be asking for my money back if developers handed that cr*p over to me. Sort it Morrisons FFS!


Utterley useless!!

No resizing to tablet screen, no landscape mode, clunky, Get with the big guys Mr Morrisons or don’t offer an app! Would be zero stars if that was an option!


Frustrating to use

It’s really frustrating that the images for the items just don’t load (on a perfect network connection). Doing a shop takes me that long because I can’t see anything with scrolling and clicking continuously back and forward that by the time I’m done my battery is dead. Everything is always out of stock no matter how close or far away the slot is which to begin with I didn’t think much about but its worth mentioning because it could be a data mismatch. Please fix the images though.



Can’t even get started, won’t let me enter my address.



Images don’t load, searches don’t find the items, failed to update basket. Very frustrating! Think I’ll use ASDA or tesco from now on!


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