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Mosque Finder- Prayer Times UK

发行商: techpedia ltd
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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We have introduced a smart Mobile App "Mosque Finder" which assists all Muslim communities in the United Kingdom to find the accurate location and direction of the mosques situated in their nearest area and this smart App also guides them in various types of matters related to Islam and its teaching through latest and advance features. Muslims who live in the United Kingdom, our Mosque Finder app helps them to find all mosques in the United Kingdom and guides them to find the exact location and it also helps to find accurate prayer times in the United Kingdom.

This App has these smart Features:

This is the first authentic Islamic App that can really make the lives of Muslims comfortable and Muslims know all the latest updates of the Islamic world. Through the latest features of Mosque Finder App You Muslims of World can solve their all issues and get guidelines to become a true Muslim and beloved man of Allah And great follower of beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Mosque Finder, Prayer Time UK, Qibla Direction, Live Makkah and Live Madina, Quran recitation, Islamic Hijri Calendar, Islamic Hadiths, Different Islamic Dua, Ramdan Calander and also know sehri or iftar timing without any hassle and difficulties.

Mosque Finder: Mosque Finder is an App feature that guides you to find an exact location and find an accurate mosque direction through it. If you use this App it becomes very easy to find mosque near me in UK, you can get professional assistance from this App to find the nearest mosque direction around you in the United Kingdom.

Prayer Time UK: Wherever you are in the United Kingdom, you can easily check accurate prayer times in the UK, it will always be based upon your current location.

Live Makkah: This app can also transmit live transmission of Makka and they watch Makkah live to fulfill the desire of watching Makkah live from any location and region of the world.

Live Madina: Madina is a place where Muslims want to die and it has the religious value among all the Muslims because our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad has buried in this city. And it has become an honor to watch Madina live and this app helps you to watch Madina live.

Qibla Finder: Qibla Finder it is an app feature that assists you to find the exact Qibla Direction and you can offer all prayers according to right Qibla Direction.

Al-Quran: Through "Al-Quran" it is a feature of App that helps you to listen to the recitation of the Holy Quran in the MP3 version and you can also read the online Quran from this App feature.

Islamic Hijri calendar: This app also displays the Islamic Hijri calendar that makes you updated to Hijri Calendar.

Hadith and Dua: This App also displays the Hadith of the Day and Dua of the day which makes you whole day blissful and Allah gives his all mercy and favor to you through these hadiths and duas.

Ramadan Mubarak, This app also displays the latest Ramadan calendar of 2020 and also mentions the Sehri or Iftar timing to your whole assistance to make the Holy month of Ramadan more merciful and blessing full.

I hope you will like this Islamic Smart Mobile App, I am sure that this App will make the life of all Muslims peaceful and gives you complete guidance to become a true Allah fearing Muslim.


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