Mosquito Repellent

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Mosquito Repellent

If mosquitoes ruin your nights or friendly moments, if you do not manage to get rid of and you do not want to use a chemical, this app is for you.
Thanks to its ultrasonic ranges which are susceptible different mosquitoes, insects no longer fly around you, more painful bites, finally a quiet sleep, a picnic that will not be spoiled.
The application features 3 buttons with different frequencies and 1 button Group 3 other sensitive frequencies.
This application works in multitasking, it can work even if it is in standby.


-1 click on the image of the mosquito and you can hear the sound of the flying mosquito
-1 Main button in the center that allows triggering of several frequencies
from17000Hz to 19000Hz
-3 buttons that trigger the operation of a single frequency 20000Hz or 21000Hz or 22000Hz
-1 woofer that drives the phone screen and tells you if the application is active or not, ultrasound is inaudible to the human ear

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