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Drive your bike, feel the freedom and enjoy the speed of the ride!

Moto Racing: Traffic City is an amazing arcade racing game, where you are a skilled and professional racer, who rides the bike and complete different challenges in an endless race! Get on your bike and let's go! There is a full career mode with a lot of missions and rewards. If you want to beat all the missions you will have to earn enough cash to buy all the possible upgrades and buy the best bike in the store.

In Moto Racing: Traffic City you are going to explore an endless highway roads. Play in Free Ride mode and enjoy beautiful landscapes and try to overtake the traffic. Moto Racing: Traffic City is a unique gaming experience with smooth and simple gameplay, realistic 3D graphics and real HD sounds.

Moto Racing: Traffic City game features:
- Over 20 missions in career mode;
- Whole store of bikes of any kind;
- Detailed highway and landscape;
- First person camera view;
- Free Ride mode
- Amazing 3D graphics;

If you are a big fan of racing simulator games, if you like motorsport and enjoy a highway freedom, then Moto Racing: Traffic City is exactly what you need. Get on your bike right now and have a really good time and a lot of fun!

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