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Don't believe me? It's free to try

*** How Does it Work? ***

MovieMethod is a flashcard app. But instead of using images or text we use short movie clips.

The important part is you're learning the language in full sentences. You'll make much faster progress learning full sentences instead of learning words in isolation.

But that's not all.

We also have some cool AI that will constantly recommend the next best sentence for you to learn. What is the next best sentence? It always has just one new frequently used word.

That's it!

You just keep learning new words every day. But with each new word you're also learning sentence patterns, grammar, ear training.

And darn-it learning from movie clips is just downright fun!

*** FAQ ***

What languages do you offer?

We currently have Spanish for English speakers. English for Spanish speakers. And English for Russian/Ukrainian speakers.

Does it work offline?

Yes! You can review and learn from your own deck when offline. But to add new cards to your deck you'll need to be online.

Can I switch devices and everything will be synced?

Yep! When you return to the main screen the app will always sync to our servers. You'll see a green dot when it's synced, yellow when it hasn't synced and red when it hasn't synced for more than 1 day. Make sure you see the green dot before switching devices.

The app is not designed for frequent switching. It's better to study on just one device so the app can cache clips to your device and everything will load faster.

*** Testimonials ***

"Using MovieMethod is addictive, it has replaced playing games for me." - user

"It feels like I’m downloading the language into my brain! I'm learning 30 new words a day and it's effortless." - user

"Before finding MovieMethod I was using an online language school which cost me about 10x more each month. MovieMethod is cheaper, more fun and more effective. If you come across this little app consider yourself very lucky." - user

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