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*New Features*
New Pro feature - copy boxes from one move to another. Slide left on the box you want to copy, tap "Copy" then select the move you want to copy to.

Now you can add a value for each box for insurance purposes, as well as the volume of each box to get an estimated packing volume. The move list shows the total value and volume of all boxes that have these entries. Also added buttons to go to our support website and to email us with your questions and feedback directly from the About dialog. The app will try to guess the currency and volume symbols for your region, but you can change them in Settings. Values and volumes of boxes and total value and volume are calculated and displayed in the print/export output as well.


Are you planning a move, or have moved recently, and feel overwhelmed by all the boxes? Not moving, but just want to organize stuff all over the house? Here is an app for you that will help you organize and take control of your move, or just your life. Keep track of your boxes and their contents, pictures, and descriptions, and search quickly as you find and unpack them after you move. We built it for ourselves when we moved, and it was a great feeling to know exactly where our things were, and exactly how much we had left to unpack. Check this one out!

Presenting Moving Organizer - a simple yet powerful app to help keep track of your move.

* Track pictures, descriptions, value and size of your boxes
* Powerful search to find items in your boxes
* Back up move for later restore
* Custom location and box types

Additional features in Pro version:
* No ads
* Unlimited number of moves
* Back up moves to the cloud using Dropbox for easy sharing between multiple devices
* Load existing images from camera roll or other photo albums
* Print directly to PDF or iPrint-enabled printer! Tap the print icon after opening a move, then select a printer to print to. To save the PDF (or share via email or whatever), force touch on the preview (or pinch out if your device does not support force touch) then tap the share action.

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