Multiplication Division

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A effective, intelligent app to train the automatization of multiplication and division table.
Some features of the training tool:
* multiplication and division up to 100 (basic multiplication / division)
* intelligent training based on how memory works
* individual learning progress bar with user profiles (100 % means that the whole multiplication is automatisated)
* written and spoken presentation of the tasks
* distraction free learning (no adds, popups, in-app-purchases, ...)

Before using this app the child should have understood what multiplication and division means and how to solve tasks. The goal of this app is automatization / memorization of the basic multiplication and division tasks. Automated math basic tasks are important to be able to solve more complex math tasks (e.g. written multiplication or division) easier, because basic tasks can be retrieved from memory.

The training is optimized for your brain. In an intelligent way tasks which are not safely learned will be trained more often and in an shorter time intervals to support momorization of these tasks. Learned tasks will be repeated in higher time intervals so that they will be saved in your long term memory.
If you solved all tasks three times in sequence correcly, the last challenge will be to compute against time to test if the solutions can be retrieved fast from memory (and not by couning up).

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