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发行商: Benefit Systems SA
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone



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What you’ll find in the application:
• Search for facilities – find sports facilities in your vicinity and create a list of favourite locations and activities.
• A mobile card – the convenience of the MultiSport programme without the need to carry a plastic card with you. To register for sessions, just generate a QR code and show it, together with your ID document, at the facility’s reception.
• Additional cards – register group entries to facilities using one account in the application. Take advantage of the possibility of linking your card with MultiSport Kids and MultiSport Dziecko card and sharing these cards with other users.
• Online trainings – train online with trainers from MultiSport Partner facilities. The offer includes various types of trainings: body&mind, strength or endurance.
• MultiSport Kids Zone – make sure your child makes the best of their spare time. There are iconic fairy tales read by Agnieszka Więdłocha, cosmic activities – indoor physical activities for kids with the animators from the MultiSport Atmosphere as well as family workouts to keep the whole family active.
• Pedometer – keep track of your daily physical activity, be conscious of your steps and keep raising the bar higher by taking the advantage of the HealthKit features in iOS! Set yourself a sport goal and pursue it by monitoring the number of taken steps by connecting account in MultiSport app with a pedometer from HealthKit.
• News – keep up-to-date with the MultiSport programme offer and expand your sports horizons. Take care of your health with MultiSport experts. Podcasts, online training courses, ebooks, audiobooks and much more are waiting for you every day.
• Spare QR code – lack of internet access won’t slow you down when registering for a session at a sports facility. The app contains a spare QR code that’s accessible offline.

Have a great workout!

Coming soon:
• A mobile card without ID document – you won’t need your ID document anymore when registering at a sports facility.

Who the application is for:
• the application is for MultiSport card holders;
• most functions require an active account in the MultiSport Zone. You can set up an account at;
• the application is available within Poland.


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