Music Match - pair the songs

发行商: Patrik Prepsl
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Find & Game any music artist or band you like and if Apple Music has at least 6 previews of their songs, a music game level will be created for you to play.

Pair up 6 songs out of 12 music cards that will appear by listening to them and guess all of them to finish the game level. The faster you are and the less mistakes you make, the higher your score and bonuses will be.

To make it not easy to recognize the same song, Music Match splits the song preview into two parts, so that a player must know the song to recognize and pair it quickly. This app challenges your brain in knowledge of the same songs where every game is original with a different mix.

How well do you know your favourite music?
Play Music Match to find out!

- Find and Game any music artists
- Every game is original
- Collect, Attack and Beat Top Scores
- Notifications about attacks and lost records
- Time bonuses and combos
- Featured and Promoted Terms to play
- Dynamic background of album covers from your last games
- Score card to share with your own custom nickname
- Leaderboard charts with Play Game buttons
- Quick access to albums in Apple Music
- Battle of Countries

For best experience play with headphones and fast internet connection.

For bold font lovers, set Bold Text in iOS settings.

For catching info about Special Score Events, please turn on app notifications.

How many Top Scores you can win and keep?
Show us who is an expert on music here :)

"Music Match is fun for anyone of any age. It’s a great way to get some entertainment, testing your brain while listening to your favorites. If you head over to the Battle Of Countries screen, you’ll see all the players from different countries, the scores and in how many games the country has scored in. This kind of takes the game to a higher, almost Olympic level, if you wish."

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