Music Player+

发行商: Nobutaka Yuasa
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Music Player+ is a simple offline audio player with a 10-band equalizer.

Create a playlist from Music App's songs or Files App's audio files.

Specifications & features
- Songs need to be none-DRM
- Songs from Music App must be downloaded to play in this app
- Songs from Music App are grouped & listed by album
- You can import audio files from other apps which does not support Files App.
- 10-band equalizer
- 24 presets
- Acoustic
- Bass Booster
- Bass Reducer
- Deep
- Flat
- Hip-Hop
- Latin
- Loudness
- Lounge
- Piano
- R&B
- Small Speakers
- Spoken Word
- Treble Booster
- Treble Reducer
- Vocal Booster
- Electronic
- Classic
- Jazz
- Dance
- Pop
- Rock
- Perfect **recommended**
- Eargasm Explosion
- You can create custom settings
- Available audio format:
- aifc
- aiff
- caf
- flac
- m4a
- mp3
- wav
- Edit metadata for audio files in Files App
- You can download and add music files from Files App's
- Box
- Dropbox
- Google Drive
- etc

Some Tips:
- iOS 13 is recommended
- If you see "File not found" error, try
- Opening Files App, then navigate to On My iPhone -> Music Player
- If files are referenced from Dropbox, Google Drive, or other file provider apps and the host app is updated, launch the host app
- When adding files:
- Files(reference files) does not copy the original file;  
on the other hand, Files(copy files) does copy the file under this app's folder
- If a file is located in this app's folder, use reference to add song; so that the file does not get duplicated
- I recommend that you make a music folder in Files App, then reference those files when creating a playlist; in this way, files won't be deleted when deleting this app
- If you're using wired headphones, my recommended EQ is Perfect;
for wireless headphones, sounds may be better if preamp is reduced.

If you find a great EQ setting, please share the setting in review or contact from the app's web page. Don't forget to write the name of the setting, I might add to preset.

If you like the app, leave comments in review or rate; thanks

Hope you enjoy!

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