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Music Videos is aiming to be the most easy-to-use Music Video app in the world!
Watch unlimited music videos!

All the features you would want from a music player is also available!

* Unlimited use
* Usage in background
* Low usage of data
* No registration required!
* Stream Music Videos
* Charts and pickups updated daily!

Tons of easy to use features for you to use when watching Music Videos/Promotional Videos.

* Rewind and Forward the video
Easily skip the intro or go back and watch your favorite part again!

* Playlist Charts
Find new music to enjoy by browsing our carefully curated charts!
Updated daily with new music videos to immense yourself in!

* Focus on usability
No more need for hard to use music apps!
This is the app that suits all your needs!
We have studied usage patterns to make the most functional app we could imagine!

* The library is available in the background too!
Listen to your library songs in the background while using other apps as well!
Now you can listen to your music wherever you go and whatever you do!

All this, and more, in Music Videos!

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