MusicDuo : Dual Songs Player

发行商: Devubha Manek
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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MusicDuo is beautifully crafted masterpiece. This app lets you listen to 2 songs at the same time. It's beautiful yet user-friendly interface will increase the joy of listening the song. You can share your earphone with the partner and listen different song in each ear-peace with this app.You can also listen song in the background and continue your work on mobile, App also works on lock mode. Compare your recording Memo on the dual player.

Feature :
1. Great User Interface, Focus on the player and it will reveal the extra(advance) control.
2. Select a different song in each player.
3. The app uses your default iTunes library, so you don't have to manually add a song in this app.
4. Change the player volume or playback speed for an individual player.

So enjoy the new and better way to listen song on the device.
And do share and refer this app to your family and friend.
Thank you.

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