Muslim Way [Quran,Azan,Qibla]

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Most suitable Quran & Pray App for smartphone!!
(Quran, Pray time, Qibla, Muslim Translator in this app.)
We dedicate Muslim Way for Muslims around the world.

*Surah, Hizb, Juz Index.
*Pray Time(Adhan)/Pray Direction(Qibla) in the world.
*Muslim Translator(14 languages - 420,000 phrases in 12 categories).


•Indexing methods(Surah, Hizb, Juz).

•Quran Translation(English Translation for Ayah 6,236.).

•Ayah transfer function(SNS:MMS, Email, Twitter and so on).

•Quick scroll(Quick Ayah Search).

•Bookmark for each Ayah.

•Go To function(Search context with Surah and Ayah number).

•Search function(Search Ayah in Arabic).

•Night Mode

*Praytime & Qibla

•Auto Compass(Automatically indicate the direction of Kaaba).

•GPS Qibla Direction(Automatically set current location with GPS).

•Pray time alarm(alarm five times a day).

•Adhan voice(Voice of Masjid al Haram from Mecca).

•Nearby mosques

*Muslim Translator [14 languages]

•All the essential sentences for conversations in a foreign language have been collected and stored in one app.

•With the Muslim Translator [14 Lang] app(Arabic, English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Russian, Italian, Portuguese), you can communicate with people in other countries, anywhere in the world.

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