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My First Bible Stories for Family & Sunday School

发行商: Toni Matas
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Favourite Bible Stories in simple words & bright pictures to introduce your kids to the Lord.
• A good tool to start reading the Bible and an easy way to talk about Jesus & God with your kids.
• For kids aged 0-6. Parent and teacher tested.
Bible apps: My First Bible Books, My First Bible Games, My First Daily Prayer, Children's Bible, Children's Bible Games, Children's Bible Daily Prayer +2.500.000u. worldwide!
• FREE books to begin reading in minutes!
• Looking for Bible books & movies for kids aged 7–13? Children's Bible app is for you!

What is My First Bible?
• My First Bible is an app with a wonderful collection of Kids’ Bibles simply told and beautifully illustrated.
• Specifically designed for kids aged 0-6 with easy text and lively illustrations.
• All the best-known stories in the Bible (Noah, Jonah, David, Daniel…) to enjoy a wonderful storytelling time with your kids.

What's in it for me?
• If you need a tool for activating kids’ interest in the Bible, this app is for you.
• If you want to keep your kids engaged in the Bible Stories, this app is for you.
• If you are looking for a faithful resource for effective Bible teaching, this app is for you.

How can I know my kids and I will like these Bible books?
• Just try it! FREE Bible Stories to read and free preview of all books.
• Many families and teachers have already tested them.
• + 2,500,000 families and schools have downloaded our Kids’ Bible apps worldwide.

All contents are strictly Bible based and nondenominational.

• 0-3yo
- Baby's First Bible
- My Very First Bible
- The Toddler Bible
- My Picture Bible

• 4-6yo
- My Story Bible
- A Child's Bible
- Goodnight Bible Stories and Prayers
- My Storytime Bible

And more!

How My First Bible users use the app
• At home! Use the books for your bedtime reading.
• On a trip! Make your kids enjoy your commutes.
• At school! Enjoy the app in style for your lessons at the Sunday School!

Testimonials on My First Bible Books
“My kids and I love this app, great resources within the app. This is a very helpful tool to help them learn and understand the Holy Bible more.”

“My two-year-old grandson loves it! The pictures are beautiful, the story exciting and the message about God is communicated powerfully and easy to understand.”

“Great for classroom! I love it, I teach one-year-olds and I used it as a teaching tool, the children love it. Great tool for teachers and parents.”

Features of the App
• Universal app for iPhone and iPad.
• Quick start and easy to use.
• Preview the books for free.
• Buy the books with in-app purchases.
• You can use it offline.
• Connect your device to a projector to use at school.

Purchase in one device, read on all of them!
• Once you buy a book, you will retain the purchase forever.
• Tap “Settings” and then “Restore purchases” to restore your books on all your devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) with the same Apple ID.

6 Kids’ Fun & Faithful Bible Apps for Christian Families & Schools
• My First Bible Books 0–6yo
• My First Daily Prayer 0-6yo
• My First Bible Games & Activities 0–6yo
• Children's Bible Books & Movies +7yo
• Children's Bible Daily Prayer +7yo
• Children's Bible Games & Activities +7yo
An easy way to talk about God and Jesus with your kids.

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