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My Mayan Match

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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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For the Maya, personal relationships have always been a significant part of life, just as they are for us. Whether you’re in a committed relationship or just curious about the person you met last night, want to know more about a close friendship or someone who’s just turned their back on you, or wonder why you work so well with some co-workers but can’t stand others… “My Mayan Match” will give you a special insight into the relationships with the people in your life.

Although the Mayan Calendar is becoming more and more popular all over the world, especially the Tzolkin, its personal compatibility features are a secret that’s been held too long. The Maya use the compatibility systems embedded within the Tzolkin to determine all kinds of important life decisions: whom to marry or go out with, whom to befriend, who to work with, who to share your innermost secrets with, and, just as critically… whom to avoid, in whatever circumstance.

For the very first time, you can use the Tzolkin not only to figure out your Mayan birth sign but also to gain deeper insight into the relationships in your life, from your closest loved ones to friends and acquaintances, from your bosses and coworkers to your professional and business contacts.

What’s more, “My Mayan Match” includes both compatibility systems inherent in the Tzolkin calendar: Harmonious and Complementary Compatibility, which further refines the subtle differences in compatibility between two people. So if you’ve got someone in your life you have always felt a close connection with you could never explain, this ancient compatibility system just might help illuminate the source of that connection.

My Mayan Match features:

• The Tzolkin compatibility matrix, which determines the type of compatibility between two people: Harmonious, Complementary, or No Compatibility

• “My Heatmap,” the user’s personal compatibility map that stores Harmonious and Complementary matches, as well as “No Match” compatibility

• The ability to store and edit your personal day sign profile as well as the matched profiles for countless friends

• The ability to email your friends about your compatibility results

• Detailed explanation of the two personal compatibility systems of the Mayan Calendar: “Harmonious” and “Complementary”

• Full descriptions of the 20 sacred Tzolkin day signs, based on the traditions of the Maya of Guatemala

• A calculator to convert Gregorian (Western) dates into their corresponding Tzolkin day signs

• Sophisticated, beautifully rendered Mayan glyphs and intro animation

The Mayan Calendar Portal and all of its properties, including “My Mayan Match” and “MCP Mayan Tzolkin” mobile applications, are produced by LUCITÀ Inc.


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