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Share your game with your fans across the globe. Our free to use app allows you to live stream your football matches without the production costs. All you need is your mobile phone. From one fan watching a match to a million, we believe everybody should have the chance to watch their team.

Our focus on creating an easy-to-use streaming app for you has seen us help thousands of clubs from over 150 countries to share live matches with fans. As football fanatics, we are so excited that we are trusted by Confederations, Leagues and Clubs across the world, including the Brazilian Football Confederation, the Japan Women’s Football League, and AS Roma to name a few.

We’ve built you some pretty cool features in the app:
- Stream events from your mobile phone live to fans anywhere in the world
- Our in-built graphics (such as a scoreboard and timer) help you create a quality fan experience
- Share highlights with your fans by tagging the biggest moments in matches (such as goals, chances and cards)
- Engage fans around the live match by sharing non-match content such as training, press conferences, interviews and original content

Oh, did we also mention that you can monetise your content through sponsorship and advertising?

Easy-to-use, free and you can make money. Sounds like a scam, we know. But this is a business built out of love for the beautiful game. We’re changing the way fans can watch football across the world, and we hope to help you and your fans next.

Two steps to join the revolution: 1. Download the app 2. Visit and click ‘broadcast with us’ to open your free TV channel. We’ll have you set up quicker than you can shout ‘Golazoooooooooo………’

Here to watch football, wrong app! Download the MyCujoo platform app to watch your team live

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