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*** Use of this app requires a Frog account ***

"Notifications, homework, calendar and timetables on your 'phone. Brilliant." - George Bligh, Greenshaw Academy

"This app will really help us engage our parents" - Sarah Balmer, Education Village

New Features for FrogLearn Mobile App ‘MyFrog’

Through the MyFrog App students, parents and teachers can conveniently view and manage homework in one place.

What’s New?
There is now a new messages inbox in the app where you will receive messages and alerts sent by your school.

MyFrog for students:

•  NEW: Messages inbox
• The timeline features all of your activity in Frog so you know the status of your work
• Never miss a deadline, easily hand-in your homework
• Use the app to complete quizzes and activities wherever you are
• Notifications direct to your phone will alert you to new assignments
• Keep track of your homework
• Day by day calendar / planner
• View your real-time timetable* - see where you need to be

MyFrog for parents:

• NEW: Messages inbox
• View the timeline to follow your child’s work live on Frog and add ‘likes’ and comments to support them
• Check on behaviour and attendance data for your child**
• Receive notifications whenever a piece of homework is set
• Monitor multiple children in your family through a single app (where the MyFrog app is used)
• View school timetable(s)* for your child(ren)
• Manage your child’s homework schedule and deadlines using the handy calendar view

MyFrog for teachers:

• NEW: Messages inbox
• Conveniently set class assignments when outside the classroom environment

MyFrog for schools:

NEW: The ability to send messages out to the staff, students and parents at your school
• Discover how the MyFrog app is being used with built-in analytics***
• Support MyFrog users with “how to login” guidance
• Customise the app so it represents your school and processes (via Frog dashboards)
• Involve parents providing visibility of their child(ren)'s to-do list and sending push notifications
• Use the timeline to showcase student work to an authentic audience
• Keep a track of homework set across the school
• Timetable* and calendar views available for your staff (SIMS only)
• MyFrog app logins match existing authentication - so no extra login to remember

Low Data mode
Protect your data usage allowance when not on WiFi.

*Subject to your school's MIS.
**Your child's school requires FrogParent to access this feature.
***Analytics will appear in your Frog platfrom

Frog Education Ltd exists to affect change in education, to challenge the status quo and build technology that does things not just differently, but better. We are helping to re-shape school processes, not just creating efficiency, but improving outcomes, and in many cases completely revolutionising the way schools teach their children.

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