Mystery Finding Hidden Object Games : The Window

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Come face to face with the dark mysteries of the jungle when your relaxing holiday to a tropical paradise leads to a search for the legendary ‘The Window’!

Make the right decisions, get the locals to talk and find out exactly what secrets lie hidden in the jungle 'Window'. One thing is certain: this Window has powers beyond everyone’s imagination.

After your adventurous trip to Australia, this was really supposed to be a relaxing holiday, but it looks like the tropical environment will not bring you what you had hoped for.

Hidden object games are a fantastic way to tease the mind and get those little grey cells working. A keen eye and a mind for mystery are needed to conquer these detective inspired games. At My Real Games we have a mind-boggling array of free hidden object games to keep your inquisitive mind busy and your detective skills razor sharp.

Game Features:
* language: English
* Gripping gameplay
* Tons of hidden object puzzles
* Various bonuses
* 10 precious scenes
* Pleasing relaxing background music
* Free investigation game

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