Naija Crush

发行商: Samuel Idonor
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价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Start playing Naija Crush today – a legendary puzzle game loved by millions of players around the world.

Naija Crush is an Awesome, Match 3 Puzzle game for everyone. It is simple to play. Become a winner by completing every task and finishing every level.

Challenge your matching skills and solve unique puzzles to help you complete each level. Embark on this endearing adventure with MissTheodore, and unlock Cute African lost treasures of all shapes and sizes along the way.

Naija Crush, best classic match 3 candy puzzle game, with HD graphic and hard challenges!

Naija Crush is an addictive, exciting and amazing Candy classic match 3 puzzle with much colorful African Treasure. Let' try to unlock all our levels and become a winner.

+How to play

- Match 3 candy, that is the same color to destroy the block and get a score.
- Match 4 candy to make a special boom candy, that candy can destroy much candy in a big area.

- Match 5 candy follow I, T, L shape to make the best special candy, that can destroy all candy same color, you only swap it with any candy.

- when all blocks are been destroyed, a special star will appear, you have to destroy candy to make special star drop to the bottom. You Win!

- You can see short Ad video to unlock all levels, and get more hint.

+Game Features:
- The levels get more challenging as you progress through more than 100 levels.

- In classic mode, there is no time to waste which can help you lose faster

- Many amazing effects in this game

- HD candy graphic

- Sounds really addictive

- Many effects in this game: lighting, thunder, boom.

-200 levels and counting

This game is made to put you on a Cloud nine feeling

african adventure


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