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Nampa Travel Pack

发行商: Nampa Design AB
价格: 3.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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** 30% OFF! **

Traveling with small children? This is the kit that makes the travel distances feel a little bit shorter! All the Nampa apps are free from ads and in-app purchases and contain no text or talk. There is no chance of failing and every game, however played, ends with disco dancing!

The following apps are included, all highly rated by parents and various independent review sites:

Nampa Holiday
This is the vacation where the child gets to decide how to travel; by airplane, bus or train. The sunny holiday destination is filled with kids’ favourite activities: water slides, banana boats, swimming, building sandcastles and dressing up for the beach whilst never forgetting the sun lotion!

Nampa Tivoli
“I’m bored” said no child in an amusement park ever! Nampa Tivoli is full of fun and creative activities. The kids can decorate their own rollercoaster carts, run an ice cream stand, giggle in front of the funny mirrors, ride the magical disco wheel and lots more!

Nampa Forest
This is the app known for the shark… you know why when it shows up! In Nampa Forest the child gets to play in the field of daisies, blow up balloons with help of bees, do wild jumps into the water, catch some funny-looking fish and create crazy outfits for the final party. And there are lots of surprises in between!

Key features
• No language barriers; no text or talk in games
• No third party advertising
• No in-app purchases
• No score counting, the child can not fail
• Easy to use, child-friendly interface
• Charming original illustrations
• Quality sounds and music
• Best suited for children under 5 years old
• Suitable for iPad and iPhone, iOS6 or later

We are committed to ensuring your privacy is protected and don’t ask any personal information.

About Nampa Design
Nampa Design AB is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Nampa-apps are designed and illustrated by our founder Sara Vilkko.

App development by Twoorb Studios AB


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