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Nationwide Mobile Banking

发行商: Nationwide Building Society
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch


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Join over 3 million of our members who are using the Nationwide Banking App for their everyday banking needs. It’s simple to get started.

##Manage your everyday banking needs##
Securely log-in using Touch ID, Face ID or 3 numbers of your passnumber. Once signed in you can use the app to view your balances, make payments, search for transactions and much more.

##Become a super saver##
You can use the app to create Savings Goals, easily see what your savings interest rate is, and also make impulse savings into your account - without having to log in.

##Frequently asked questions##

-- I’ve never used the app before. How do I start?
Tap the ‘Get’ button on the screen to download the app. Once downloaded, simply follow the instructions on screen. From there, all you’ll need are your Nationwide account details or debit card and card reader and the app will help you finish setting up.

-- How safe is the Nationwide Banking App?
Our Digital Banking promise means:

• We'll refund any money taken from your account without your authorisation
• We'll monitor & protect your account 24/7 with the latest technology
• We'll provide you with education on how to stay safe including top tips and information on the latest fraud and scam trends

(Please see our website for full terms and conditions. T&Cs apply.)

##You can use the app to##

• View your accounts; savings, loans, mortgages, credit cards and current accounts.
• Browse our product offerings, and open new accounts
• Freeze/unfreeze your debit card
• Report lost or stolen cards
• Change your passnumber
• Setup new bill payments and check existing payments (you may need your card reader for some transactions)
• Setup and track a Savings Goal
• Personalise your settings to update your personal details, get text alerts and go paperless


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379891 条评价

Was a great app....

I have used this app on several different devices for years and it has been excellent...... Until the last couple of weeks - it now freezes when you go into it and has to be reinstalled. Please undo what you have recently done to it so that it becomes excellent again!


App Not Working

How can people be giving this five stars at the moment. Since the update app only works if you completely switch of your phone and switch it back on again. As soon as you go to reuse the app it freezes on the loading screen. So how do you make it work. Switch off your phone again. Come on Nationwide sort it out.



This service is quick and convenient and enables to keep track of my spendings and what goes into and of my account ,excellent service


internet banking

Unable to access internet banking since last night is there a problem ??


App not opening up

Never had this issue before, but from the last month or so the app freezes up the second you go to open it and remains stuck with a blurry opening screen view of the opening page this occurs on iPad and iPhone reloaded app k for a few days then it freezes up again suggest there’s a flaw in the app!!!!


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