Nature sounds of the night

发行商: Satoshi Masui
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价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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It is a healing app that plays the sound of nature with the theme of night.
Sounds of coastal waves, bonfire sounds, mountain birds' voices, etc. reduce stress and create a relaxing environment.
It is effective when you want to focus on work or study when you can not sleep!

This application fully reproduces 20 kinds of carefully selected various situations.
Natural sounds and music can be adjusted in volume, so you can create your own ideal environmental sound.
Since I memorized the setting I used last, I can use your favorite environmental sound at any time.

It is convenient when sleeping while being healed because there is a sleep timer!

# Major features #

- 20 kinds of natural sounds recorded
- 32 types of healing music are recorded
- Natural sound, auxiliary sound, music can be played at the same time
- Natural sound, auxiliary sound, music volume can be set individually
- Automatic muting by sleep timer function
- Convenient because it remembers the last used environmental sound

# Theme list #

- Night tent
- City rain
- Moon and the sea
- Bonfire on the beach
- Bonfire in the mountain
- Calm sea
- Mountain storm
- Coastal starry sky
- A gentle lake
- Moon and the mountain
- Rain at the lake
- Beside the lake
- Lake and frog
- Night beach
- Moon and the river
- Mountain stream
- A small waterfall
- Waterfall and night sky
- Owl singing at night
- Night prairie

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