Neonatal Nurse

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Jennifer Dukes RN, BSN an experienced neonatal nurse and Dr. Morarji Peesay a board certified Neonatologist affiliated with Georgetown University are pleased to introduce a novel way of studying and enhancing your nursing career with the use of this iPhone application. We are thankful to you for purchasing this app and being a part of this effort to enrich neonatal nursing practice. 

‘Neonatal Nurse’ is a practical and useful application for nurses working in practice settings such as Neonatal Intensive Care. This easy to use application can be utilized to enhance knowledge, assist in preparing for taking a neonatal nurse certification exam or to assist in precepting new nurses in the Neonatal Intensive Care setting. 

You will have access to valuable information at your finger tips by utilizing the reference mode that will display questions along with correct answers and rationale. Or you can study for the certification exam or test and build your personal knowledge of the care and treatment of sick and premature infants by taking the quiz and then receiving a score and explanation of correct answers. Your progress will be tracked with cumulative stats. 

Any enquiry please contact us using one of these two 

You will have access to diagnostic x-rays and pictures along with explanations. 

Features include:

- Questions and answers designed for a comprehensive review of neonatal intensive care nursing.
- Question browsing for un-scored review of any and all content sections.
- Use of reference mode to provide correct answers immediately for a quick review.

This application is designed for review of knowledge associated with Neonatal Intensive Care nursing. The use of this application is not meant to replace hospital or facility guidelines or protocols. The practice setting of neonatal intensive care is a rapidly growing field and is undergoing many changes. The information included in this application is current to the state of the current practice at the time of the development of this application. Please note it is the responsibility of the user of this application to rely on their own experience and knowledge of the patient as well as protocol and hospital policies to provide care to neonates. The information in this application is not meant for reproduction without the expressed written knowledge of the creators of this application.

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