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Nepali Barnamala – Naya helps your child learn and pronounce Nepali letters, numbers and words in an easy and enjoyable manner. It is the foundation of learning and conversing in Nepali (Nepali ma kura garnye).
Nepali children, usually, learn barnamala at schools (Skula) and private tuitions. But, children have very short attention span and the traditional way of learning is boring and inefficient. This is why we have made our app child-friendly and interactive.
This interactive puzzle-based learning style facilitates various skills that make up an important part of your child’s developmental stages. This interactive learning game improves cognition, problem-solving ability, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and leads to an overall increase in confidence and self-esteem.

We have divided the app into 4 sections :
• Letters: In this section, you will find the Nepali alphabets, both vowels and consonants. What you will also find are numbers.
• Words: Here, you will find example-words (nouns) for the alphabets, which will be accompanied by the pictures of the nouns.
• Game: In this section, the knowledge of the learner will be tested. The child will be shown an image and will be given three options to choose the right one from. For additional help, just a tap on the image will make the app pronounce the word.
• Support: At last, you will find the Support section. If you have any questions, issues or suggestions for the app, please let us via this section. We’d be glad to help.

Here are the Main Features of Nepali Barnamala – Naya:

• Virtual mentor
• Interactive learning game
• Brain teasers for kids (1st Grader, 2nd Grader, 3rd Grader)
• Developed especially for kids to help them simply learn to speak Nepali fast
• Learn Nepali Language (English to Nepali)
• Learn Nepalese Alphabets Fast
• Learn how to Pronounce the Nepali Alphabets
• Interactive Nepali Barnamala Match Puzzles
• Learn Nepali Via Videos
• Pictoword Lessons
• An effective way for beginners.
• Information available offline
And much more…

Learning Nepali can be easy and interesting. That is our goal with this app.
Download Nepali Barnamala – Naya and Start Learning Now!

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