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Nevo Smart Remote is a universal remote control app that works in conjunction with a separately purchased IR bridge. There are two primary types of IR bridge products: A Bluetooth Smart to IR hub or a WiFi to IR adapter. Either device will enable your iPhone to control home theater equipment when using the Nevo Smart Remote app. Nevo can be used to almost any home theater device including TVs, cable boxes, satellite receivers, media streamers, game consoles, audio devices, Blu-ray /DVD players, covering over 6,000 unique brands. The Nevo Smart Remote app is designed for simplicity with a smart setup wizard and simple activity-based control. In addition, the Nevo Smart Remote app includes an integrated program guide, enabling you to browse your list of channels for upcoming shows, to get info on the show, cast, and crew, and to tune to a selected show with the tap of a finger.
· Requires Bluetooth Smart-to-IR or WiFi-to-IR bridge device that can be purchased separately
· Smart setup wizard makes setup fast and easy
· Controls TVs, cable boxes, satellite receivers, media streamers, game consoles, audio devices, Blu-ray /DVD players, and other devices
o Covering over 6,000 unique brands
o Setup is as easy as testing a function and answering YES or NO
· Activity-based control including WATCH TV, WATCH MOVIE, LISTEN TO MUSIC, and custom activities
o Volume controls assigned for each activity
o Content source assigned for each activity
o Auto input switching upon activity launch
· On-screen electronic program guide enables content browsing and selection to occur without impacting the display on the TV
o Just tilt your phone sideways to access the iPhone guide and tilt it back upright to go back to remote control mode
· Guide data may not be available after two years
o Access to program info, cast and crew, and program photos
o Tap “WATCH NOW” and the channel will change to the selected program
o Note that not all regions or TV service providers are included
· Supports multiples rooms – a different IR bridge is required for each room
· When paired with a Nevo Portal Bluetooth Smart to IR bridge, the app enables Nevo Portal key functions to be assigned by the user

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