Cheats + News for The Sims - Video Guide and Wallpaper (UNOFFICIAL)

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Access to every cheat codes for The Sims and get latest update on The Sims news, the must have companion app for any The Sims fan!

- New The Sims content, videos, pictures added daily
- Keeps tab on all the The Sims community news, events and updates
- Browse the latest The Sims fan art and pictures
- Cheats for all The Sims
- Wiki for all The Sims
- Free The Sims wallpapers
- The latest videos, guides, and tutorials for The Sims
- Automagically highlight new video updates

This app is an UNOFFICIAL news application for The Sims. This app is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Electronic Arts Inc. All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners, and usage for this falls within the “Fair Use” guidelines. This app acts as a news source for players and fans to stay up to date and have a single reference point as a resource for Sims.

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