New York City Bus Parking 3D - Driving Simulator

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Bus Parking Simulator 2017 is the latest simulation game. Are you ready to learn parking rules to become a real Bus Driver? Improve your parking skills while driving through the streets of American City.
Experience the real-life ambience by driving the bus on city routes and complete all the challenging parking levels! Park your coach from one point to another within the time limit. You can drive the bus by going offroad to save the time. The traffic in the city is banned so that you can better focus on parking the buses.

Handling a big bus that is full of passengers is a job of great responsibility so our main aim is to train you as expert driver of a bus while having fun! For this we have specially designed the various levels that become hard according to your driving expertise. Don't get hit or crashed due to hurdles on the roads that will come along your.

Download now the awesome bus Simulator game of 2017 to get the feel of driving a real bus.


- Fasten your seat belts.
- Touch gas button to accelerate
- Use Steering wheel to make real turns on roads
- Press Brake to slow down the big vehicle
- Find the short routes to save time
- Follow the guiding arrow to complete missions with in a time limit

City Bus Parking Simulator 2017 Features:
- Realistic bus driving
- Challenge your friends with online rankings
- Realistic visual damage
- Unique camera angles (Cockpit, Front, Outer)
- The faster you complete the mission, more reward you will earn

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