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The app brings you the news from Australia's #1 news website, read by over 10 million Australians every month.

You can swipe quickly through the latest breaking news and stories from politics, world, sport, lifestyle, entertainment, travel, finance and technology, or kick back and explore the app for opinion and analysis, or a reality TV recap.

The app has all the content you love with loads of cool features. The My News section is your personalised news feed. You can read your favourite topics and stay up-to-date with stories that are important to you. We also know how busy you are so now you can save articles for later.

Australians turn to during the biggest breaking news events. Now you can be informed first with push notifications. We will only send out notifications on breaking news and stories that matter. If you feel like we are sending too many notifications you can scale back the alerts in the settings of the app. You can also comment on the big issues of the day and see what other people are saying.

It's a fast, new way to enjoy the news in colour.

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research. Please see for more details.

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