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Take control of your health with MyNEXtCARE.

MyNEXtCARE is a mobile app that has been designed to offer insured members an enhanced customer experience when accessing and submitting claims, searching for a healthcare provider, checking policy benefits, and more. Through this app, you can submit and track your claims easily and securely from anywhere in the world. Get the most out of our services by downloading MyNEXtCARE.
Features of the mobile app
1. Locate nearby healthcare providers
Search for the nearest hospital, pharmacy, clinic, or laboratory within a specific location. Simply enable your phone’s GPS function in order to find the healthcare provider that is covered by your insurance plan. You can also benefit from the advanced filter option to find your desired healthcare provider.
2. View policy benefits
Access benefits based on your insurance plan, including coverage, general exclusions, deductibles, and eligibility.
3. Submit and track medical claims
Check status of your medical claims by accessing the Claims section. You can also submit claims by uploading the medical documents through the app and get reimbursement by the desired payment method.
4. Benefit from teleconsultation service
Convenient medical care is made possible through this new app feature. If you are away from home and are unwell, simply use the app to get remotely connected to a doctor who will be ready to assist.
5. Download your insurance card
Access the digital version of your insurance card, with the option to download it as an image on your mobile device
6. Get in touch through our helpline
Submit your inquiries securely through the app, and our Care Center will address your needs.
7. Multi-lingual support
MyNEXtCARE app is currently available in 3 languages: English, Arabic, and French

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