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Easily keep track of properties you are viewing as you plan your next home move. NextMove is effectively your own personal database of properties in your pocket with photos, notes and location details.

The traditional method of keeping track of property viewings is a notepad and camera - however, cross referencing notes to properties as well as comparing the location of properties can be tricky to manage.

This is where NextMove comes in.

- Each property can be linked to the photos stored in your iPhone camera roll (or you can use the built-in camera to take photos and add them to the property). You can also add a note/comment to each photo. Never again will you wonder which photos belong to which property.

- You can add general notes to the property, such as its condition, possible work that needs doing etc.

- NextMove utilises the iPhones fantastic mapping capabilities. You can view the location of all your properties on a single map so you can compare their locations quickly and easily.

- You can also give each property a star rating to allow you to quickly see which properties you are most interested in.

Please contact me if you have any additional requests or comments.

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