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NFC Shortcuts | Automation

发行商: Miguel Vieira
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** Only Works on iPhone. (7 or newer!) **

Ever wanted to automate your life with NFC (Near Field Communication) tags? Well now you can! Even if you have an iPhone 7 or X you can use this app to scan (or write to) any NFC tag and trigger a shortcut. NFC tags are also incredibly cheap now. It's that easy.

Some incredible use cases:
Put a NFC Tag on your television or Apple TV to turn it on, open a specific app, resume a show, play any song, playlist or podcast, or even turn it off.
Put a NFC Tag on your bedside table to set the alarm to ring at a specific time or for example 7 hours later or even just turn on Do not disturb automatically.
Put a NFC Tag on your speaker to automatically set the volume to 100% and play anything you want automatically.
Put a NFC Tag next to your cup and every time you fill it in, record it on your favorite water measurement app.
Put a NFC Tag on your iPhone Car holder so every time you place it there it'll for example start your favorite playlist, get directions to a specific place or even share an ETA.

Control your house. Mix NFC Tags, Siri Shortcuts and HomeKit

All of this and more just by holding your phone near the tag, just like if you were making a contactless payment.

How to?
Then just write the name of the shortcut you want to run on the NFC Tag and that's it. The app will take care of the rest!

And also, you can have as many shortcuts as you want triggered by a single NFC tag. The app will intelligently ask you which want you want to execute.

Includes Today Extension for quick launch.

About Privacy: This app is paid because we don't share anything with anyone. You won't get ads and the app doesn't connect to the internet. Ever.
Your privacy matters to us. If we made the app free, we would have to compromise on something else to get paid. This way, you buy the app and it's yours, forever, without ads or compromises.


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