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Nine Men's Morris Game

发行商: CVU Intelligence
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Best black&white board battle! Try Nine Men`s Morris now!

Bring back to life one of the greatest Ancient games, directly on your iOS. Download Nine Men`s Morris App NOW and put your mind to work in a clean simple strategic game!

More Details:
Nine Men`s Morris is a two- player board game. Each player has 9 pieces (black or white), which must be laid on the playing board, consisting of 3 concentrical squares. There are 24 available positions on the board for laying down the pieces. First player that gets his opponent down to 2 pieces or blocks him for making any legal moves wins!

App Features:
· ONLINE Play - you can play with random people and view the wins in Rankings
· Select number of players: single player, two player
· Select time
· Select level of difficulty
· No adverts
· Play With Friend (using the email set in Options section)

How to play?

Nine Men`s Morris has 2 simple and easy to use phases.

Setup Phase- Bring in the pieces! : Players take turns laying their pieces on vacant points on the board.

Regular Phase- Let the black&white battle begin! : After all the 18 pieces have been laid down, the regular phase begins. In this phase, a turn consists of sliding a piece along a line to a vacant point. Whenever a player creates a string of three pieces on one line, he immediately removes one of his opponent's pieces. (This can happen during the setup phase or the regular phase.) However, an opponent's piece which is part of a string may not be removed unless no other piece is available.
You can call it a match when not a single piece was removed, after repeating several game configurations.


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