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Your enriched air nitrox buddy on the surface!

Calculate MOD (maximum operation depth), optimal oxygen percentage and equivalent air depth when planning your dive, and calculate the gas mixing when filling tanks based on what you know about - either the desired end gas or the mix you fill up with.

If you want to fill your tank and end up with a certain mix, you can calculate what mix to add, or if you fill air or another mix into an existing mix, you can calculate what mix you will end up with.


The utility is ment as a helping hand and a supplement to - and not replacement for well-thought calculations. The developer takes no responsibility for any errors that might be in the calculations or any consequences here of. Always dive within the limits of your education and dive only with enriched air (nitrox) if you have gained the proper training in the use. Control the calculations. Always analyze your gas before you dive.
Dive safely! Plan your dive - dive your plan.

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