NordPass® Password Manager

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NordPass is brought to you by NordVPN - the cybersecurity experts behind one of the most advanced online security and privacy apps trusted by more than 12 million users worldwide. What does that mean to you? It means you get the top-level security for your critical data, wrapped in a simple and user-friendly design.

Why use the NordPass password manager?
● Securely store, organize, and access your passwords in one convenient place;
● Have your passwords autofilled for stress-free browsing with no distractions;
● Keep your other private data, such as important notes, for your eyes only.

NordPass Password Manager and seize the benefits of secure and easy password management:

Keep your passwords safe
Securely store, organize, and access your passwords and sensitive information in a digital vault shielded by top-level encryption.

Save your time
Log in and autofill online forms with a single tap. NordPass also autosaves your passwords if they are not in your digital vault yet.

Access your passwords anywhere, anytime
NordPass syncs automatically on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone to go wherever you go.

Enjoy full privacy
NordPass is a zero-knowledge encryption service. All data is encrypted at your device level before it reaches our servers. So no one can see your stored information, and that includes us.

Cut the risk of data breaches
NordPass uses top-level encryption for your vault and Argon2 for key derivation. It also requires a Master Password that only you know and adds an extra level of protection with 2FA.

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