Number Frenzy

发行商: Hien Bui
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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There are a lot of number in different size, from 1 to 9 that are invading the space. You ship mission is to break through them and survive as long as you could. During the journey you have to break the blocks, stones, destroy the aliens, and of course destroy the numbers! The bigger the numbers the harder to kill them but don't worry cause you will have many magic during your mission.
You can have magic for more life, bigger bullet, fast bullet or triple the bullet.
The enemy can also fire at you, yes it's true. If they fire you with red bullet you can break it with your own bullet but if you see the black bullet - they are drive-through bullet then the best way is to avoid them.
There are bombs that you need to avoid since if you hit them they will cause you 2 lives. Only big bullets can destroy the bombs. And big bullet can break the black block aslo in which the other normal bullet can not.

There are two modes of playing: endless play and level mode with 200 levels.

Start the journey and see how long you can survice in endless mode or which level you can achieve in level mode. You can aslo save the score in game center and compete with player world wide by beating their best score in game center.

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