Popular Nursery Rhymes Poem

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Are you looking for a nursery rhymes game?
Then here is best popular app for you.
Beautiful rhymes and poems that give education through a mobile phone.

This app brings 15 popular Nursery Rhymes / Songs to your phone.
everyone will love learning new rhymes and this app comes with the rhymes rendered in popular tunes.
The colorful pictures and lyrics for each rhyme can keep entertained anywhere anytime.
You can also choose to play the rhyme of their choice by clicking on the correct thumbnail.

It is very beneficial to download educational app like this nursery rhyme so that whenever you are on work just give it to your kid so that reinforces you learning time.

=>Beautiful flash card of rhymes lyrics with picture.
=>Excellent high quality poem sound.
=> Easy to access.
=> Share your favorite rhyme/song with your friends or relatives through social media.

Free nursery rhymes/poem and it is best Educational app for toddler to learn.

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