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Want to save time and money on your weekly shop? Shop for your groceries with the Ocado app on your iPhone or iPad – the easiest way to do grocery shopping.

Find everything from offers on the items you buy every week to new recipe ideas – Ocado is the dedicated supermarket you can fit in your pocket.

Why you’ll love to shop with Ocado:

• Want delivery tomorrow? We have a huge range of 1-hour slots, between 5:30 am – 11:59 pm, 7 days a week.
• You'll be spoilt for choice: enjoy our range of fresh groceries, Waitrose and Ocado own-label products, and much more.
• You're in control: you can edit your order right up till the night before delivery.
• Add on the go: quickly add any forgotten bits with One-Click.
• Browse thousands of tasty recipes: and save them for later in the app's Recipe Binder.
• We deliver to kitchen tables across England and parts of Wales – and we're growing all the time.
• You’ll get great value: our Low Price Promise means we check your comparable shopping against Tesco's listed prices online. If we're not cheaper, we’ll automatically send you a voucher for more than the difference – right up to £10.

Download Ocado today and shop the simple way.

Questions? Get in touch with our award-winning Customer Service team: tweet us @ocado, or find us at facebook.com/ocado, or chat with us live through the app.

To read our Privacy Policy, go to www.oca.do/privacy

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