Oil Tanker Long Truck Cargo

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Drive your Oil Tanker Long Truck Simulator i.e Road Train on 5 lane highway and become the master of oil cargo delivery services. This game will let you have the full control over the heavy trailer vehicles. Oil tanker trailer is always captivating. Your oil tanker road train is a 32 wheeler vehicle your task is very important so take a bigger route to reach the oil station. Entire the various fuel delivery jobs and supply oil and gasoline fuel to the local market.

You are dealing with highly flammable material, show your oil tanker driving skills on almost every track so pass through the road bumps and high jumps with extreme care. Keep an eye on trucking fuel meter so that you can refill your oil tanker from oil filling station. Enjoy trucks to deliver oil tanks to the right locations. Drive fuel loaded trucks on multiple city highway tracks. Oil tanker transportation is always fascinating here is chance to live your dream of playing plane games driving cargo truck trailer.

- Real test for trailer driver.
- Oil tanker train is a 32 wheeler vehicle
- Smooth controls on sloppy roads.
- Complete various fuel delivery jobs
- Large and realistic ways
- Beautiful and realistic environment
- Driver across hilly and off road
- Supply oil to the local market
- Be real quick driver
- Avoid tanker explosion

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