Old McDonald Had a Jungle

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If your kids like Old McDonald nursery rhyme, they will love this app!

This fully interactive app features the Old McDonald song with a twist:
We replaced the barn animals with JUNGLE ANIMALS for a whole new kind of fun!

Sing along as the Alligator makes his CHUCK CHUCK sound, or the Hippo’s STOMP STOMP ! And why not ROAR with the lion… and more.

In addition to choosing the animal for each verse, we added lots of EDUCATIONAL games and features:

- Pair the monkey to play the trumpet! Or maybe chose the elephant to play the bongos! And how about the snake on the guitar? And so much more. Kids can have fun creating different music by mixing an animal with any one of the featured instruments!
- Play hide and seek with the animals, and try to catch them before they disappear.
- Help feed the jungle animals! Drag the correct food onto their plate or they will throw it to the garbage…
- A lot of fun, funny and colorful animation to make the jungle come to life right under the kids’ fingertips.
- This app also includes all the nursery rhyme features we have in our original Old ‘McDonald had a farm‘ app where the kids can chose the animal, slow or speed up the song and also loop the song for hours of fun.

‘Old McDonald had a Jungle’ app adds a lot of new adventures and stimulations to kids who love Old McDonald by providing something new on a well-known, but sometimes worn-out model.

Download for free now!

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