Omotenashi – 实时视频聊天

发行商: terashima yuki
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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[What is Omotenashi?]
It's a new video chat app where you can enjoy chatting real time with beautiful Japanese women and Japanese wives 24/7.

Japanese girls and Japanese wives are chatting online from their rooms at homes through live camera. You can enjoy private one-on-one sessions as if you were a couple. Enjoy all aspects of the relationship on live chat.

Both video call mode (live chat) and text chat mode (without sending your video image) are available. 1-on-1 live video chat mode is more interactive and fun.

Messaging functionality is recommended for shy users or busy users. Messages can be exchanged on your spare time, between your work hours, etc.

Membership registration is free. Initial messages are free and usage of rest contents requires points.

Please select your favorite women from the list. Adding any woman to your favorite will also notify her. You have more chances of getting a quick reply.

[Fee for live chat]
Message : 50 points per a message (initial 3 messages are free)
Video Chat : 100 points per minute
2SHOT (1-on-1) : 150 points per minute

- Many contents of Omotenashi require points purchased by payment. Please read and agree with service and terms before using this live video chat app. Please respect women and do not attack them verbally.
- We do not use any bots or fake profiles. No random roulette.
- We have users from all over the world, especially many users from Asian countries like Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Japan, U.S, Russia, European countries and Latin American countries.

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