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Onawadak is the new way to find people to do your tasks. We call them the service providers. If you are one of those thousands of people who struggle to find people to do Jobs whether it is
More common trade related tasks like
1. Electrical repair
2. Plumbing
3. House hold help
4. Painting
5. Carpentry
6. Landscaping
Or whether it is about finding
1. A Car for rent
2. A photographer for your son's birthday
3. A DJ for your friend's party
Or you are a business struggling to find
1. Direct marketing personal
2. Someone to past posters or handout leaflets
3. Manage an event
4. Sound or equipment hire
Or if it is your IT related need like
1. Getting a website done
2. Getting some logo, graphics done
Or it is anything that you want to get done
Onawadak is the new platform for your rescue.
We have a unique way of solving your problems. You simply post a task stating what you want to get done.
We send the task to those who are registered with us for that task category. When we get their responses, we will send to you.
This happens immediately as our service providers similar to you, will be using the app and are online. ( onawedak, ona wedak, onewadak, one wadak, oniwadak, oni wadak, onewedak, one wedak, oniwedak, oni wedak onadeyak , ona deyak , ona ekak, onaekak )

As a Customer, Onawadak is the one stop app for all of your tasks needing assistance. The days where you spent hours trying to find someone to do your house repairs, landscaping or even finding someone to do your website for your small business is a thing in the past now.
That annoying time you had with calling people you somehow found somewhere, and to realise that their phone numbers are no longer valid, or they are not available, are also put to bed by our Onawadak platform.
It's all simple. If you need any task done, simply post that task in the Onawadak App. We will send the Job to those registered Jobbers. When they respond, we will notify you.
You can review many of those responses from real people who are willing to do your job and pick the person that suites you. Whether it is the service provider's profile, his/her previous work, comments or reviews about him/her from previous customers, could be your deciding factor.
We will harbour thousands of service-providers who are actively looking for Jobs in our platform.
And once you find the service-provider, what you do in terms of payment, is all between you and the service-provider. We don't take any commission.
Finally, when your task is completed, please leave a review for your service-provider. It will help our system to grow as a meaningful platform helping both the customers and the service-provider.

As a service-provider, this is a unique way for you to enter in to the market and access to customers and task that you never knew exist.
You simply put a professional profile of you in Onawadak, sit back and relax.
When we get the matching tasks we will send them to you, you can respond and if the customer is happy to hire you for the Job, you will get the Job.
What happens between the customer and you is all between you two.
We don't take commission, YES, NO COMISSION AT ALL!
And for now, and for many, many moons this service is completely free. Most of our task categories like painting, small tasks are free forever. We want to help the community and you can help us back in return by using our app, making the platform popular.
We will never charge anyone who has not won a single task from our platform.

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