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Introducing a brand new novel reading community: fictions that from the people and by the people.

Novel reading community for all readers, authors, and translators.

We mainly focus on novels and fiction from China. Different culture and different mindset will give you huge impact about how Chinese interpret the word Novel and Fiction in term of Fantasy and Imagination.

We have genre from oriental: Eastern Fantasy, Martial Arts, Magical Realism, Chinese Historical Fiction.

And traditional genre: Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, Science Fiction, Video Games, Competitive Sports, Horror & Thriller Fictions, War & Military Fictions, Romance Fictions.

For the Final, we have Fan-Fiction, which were written by fans of Chinese novels and fictions.

Creativity is the only standard to measurement for our novels.

-You can vote for your favorite novel.
-You can support your favorite authors and translators.
-You can reach your best reading buddies.

-Challengers can write their own novel to challenge people's imagination.
-Dreamers can immerse in here which they can have their dream fulfilled in the novel.
-Commentators can write down their thoughts about novels for people to decide whether to read or not.

In here, we have room for every kinds of people, but mean and disgraceful one.
Come on and join this community of novels, find your kind, and place!

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