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Version 2.0

A simple app with great returns!
All the key clinical examinations in one place and in your pocket!

An app designed primarily for medical students who want to do well in their year 3,4 and 5 OSCEs as well as great revision for finals!

What it is?

The app consists of a guide to examinations - which list the key facts needed to be memorised in order to do well in OSCES at medical schools across the country.

This app is by no means meant to provide the definitive method on performing these examinations but is a compilation of tips and revision notes from previous medical students on how they felt it was best done to carry out these examinations for the examinations.

Please give feedback, and help shape the app in the way you want it go. As the paying consumer, your views are much appreciated and future updates will reflect this. Future updates aim to include more examination guides and a quiz feature as well as pictures!


Joht Singh Chandan - Coding, Content and Development

Charles Hall - Coding, Design and Development

Dr. Sebastian Roberts - For providing his medical school OSCE notes to be used as a baseline around which much of the information in the application was structured.

Eleanor Fleming - Illustrations

guideline osce medical guidelines


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