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发行商: Mikail Rojas
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Otro Mobility is an easy taxi booking and delivery app. Once you confirm ride or delivery booking details, the car is on its way to provide you with fast and affordable service.

Here is how Otro works in more detail:
1. Simply confirm your pickup and destination point to travel anywhere in Dominican Republic, Venezuela and USA
2. Get car and vehicle information upon requesting service
3. Tap to book a ride
4. Track your travel progress in real-time
5. Relax and enjoy your ride

Otro Mobility offers several advantages:
- You know the price of the trip or delivery before you book service.
- Our drivers get excellent training. They undergo a thorough screening process including background and driving record checks. After each ride they are rated by our customers.
- We offer a wide fleet of vehicle. Our transport is available in Dominican Republic, Venezuela and USA.
- You know trip or delivery price before you book it.

Otro Mobility: best technology
Once you request transport, you can check distance between you and your car driver, as well as your movements and distance to the destination point.

Otro Mobility: safety
All our drivers are certified and have permits to take rides. They are constantly trained to deliver excellent service to all our clients. This is what makes Otro Mobility a great transport and delivery booking service. Download and install our taxi booking app whenever you want to take a trip.

Got any questions? Contact us!

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