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The oxford 3000 vocabulary is a list of the most 3000 important words, which students should put high priority to learn because of their importance and usefulness.

This app provides the list with various study tools to help you learn and remember this list.

▸ Etymology
- One of best way to learn new vocabulary is to learn its etymology. We provide etymology for each word so that you can learn where a word came from.

▸ Sentence bank
- Each word comes with a number of sentences. Sentence bank will help you learn how a word is actually used in context.

▸ Flashcard
- 67 decks
- Flip a card to see its meaning

▸ Quiz
- 67 quizzes
- Find a word that has meaning or fits in sentence in the question

▸ User-defined list
- Create your custom list

▸ Words of the day
- Learn 5 words daily

▸ Learn random words
- Learn 5 random words

▸ Basic features include:
- Easy navigation
- Bookmark a word
- Search a word

▸ If you want to suggest a new function or report an issue, please send feedback to us. Thank you!

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