Palm Reading Guide - Learn How to Read Palms

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Learn the basics of Palmistry: the ancient art of reading palms from this app.

Learn what your palm shape & lines mean.

Step-by-step instructions on Skateboard Tricks:

How to Read Palms: 9 Steps
How to Do a Modern Palm Reading: 11 Steps
4 Ways to Read Palm Lines
How to Calculate the Age of a Person Using Palmistry: 6 Steps
How to Read Your Fingers: 7 Steps
How to Read the Mounts of the Palm: 13 Steps
10 Ways to Understand the Degrees of the Palm
How to Analyze Fingerprints: 3 Steps
How to Read a Hand Reflexology Chart: 8 Steps
How to Determine the Difference Between Palm Therapy and Reflexology
How to Read Marriage Lines in Palms
How to Read Palms by Hand Types

List of videos:

How to Read Palms
Hand's Leading Mount
What the Thumb Reveals
How to Read "3 Worlds"
How to Recognize Warning Signs
What Skin Texture Reveals
Mount of Apollo
How to Read a Finger's 3 Sections
What Finger Length Reveals
What the Hand Reveals about Health
What Hand Flexibility Reveals
Mount of Mercury
How to Read the Heart Line
What Fingers Reveal
How to Find The Lucky Square
Mount of Saturn
Mount of the Moon
Mount of Mars
How to Check a Palm for a Dark Side
Mount of Venus
What Fingertip Shape Reveals
Mount of Jupiter

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