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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Panasonic+ Viewer to view and control Your Panasonic Camera using iPhone, iPhone 5 & iPod Touch. It is very Quick and Easy Access to your Panasonic IP Camera over both GSM/LTE and WIFI Networks

- You don't need to find out Camera IP Address anymore! The Application Automatically scans your network and find out your camera IP address over wireless.

- Works with Dynamic DNS services.

- With single touch, you will be able to zoom in/out, Pan, Tilt and Move to Locations (Presence) ... etc.

- You can build unlimited number of cameras to view them in full screen Portrait and Landscape modes

- Snapshot feature allows you to save the camera image to your photos folder for use later.

- Comprehensive support is available by contacting

Panasonic+ Viewer support the Following Cameras:

- BB-HCM-311
- BB-HCM-331
- BB-HCM-371
- BB-HCM-381
- BB-HCM-511
- BB-HCM-515
- BB-HCM-527
- BB-HCM-531
- BB-HCM-547
- BB-HCM-580
- BB-HCM-581
- BB-HCM-701
- BB-HCM-705
- BB-HCM-715
- BB-HCM-735
- BL-C1
- BL-C10
- BL-C20
- BL-C30
- BL-C111
- BL-C131
- BL-C140
- BL-C160
- KX-HCM10
- KX-HCM230
- KX-HCM250
- KX-HCM280
- WV-NF284
- WV-NF484
- WV-NM100
- WV-NP240
- WV-NP244
- WV-NP472
- WV-NP1000
- WV-NS202
- WV-NS324

Comprehensive support is available by contacting

© Panasonic and all Panasonic base marks are trademarks of Panasonic Corporation.

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