Parachute Ramp Car Parking

发行商: Waseem Ahmad
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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"Parachute Ramp Car Parking 3D is one of the best Parking game which give you the opportunity to use elevator to climb up and park on the top roof. Take control and drive your racing Ramp Car in the city. You may avoid highways as you can jump directly to another building roof using a parachute.

Jump from roof to roof and park your Ramp Car on the right parking area. It’s wildly addictive and fun and has it all. Avoid massive jumps, use mid-air ramps and Experience the thrilling adventure now. Parachute games 3D are really enjoyable.

Drive safely and use the lift to reach the top of the building not present in many roof climbing and stunt racing 3D games. Drive your car like an offroad racing car in the mega city and climb your crazy car on the rooftop. Use your jumping skills and park your Ramp Car on given area.

Forget racing car stunts and experience a new lift simulator experience. Use checkpoints and follow the way point assistance and reach to the destination.

Avoid big jumps where your Parachute may not work and your car fall down instead use mid-air ramps where available for crazy stunts. Sky Dive Parachute jump is not easy. This roof car jumping game is not a hill climbing or drift racing game.

Drive your 3D turbo stunt car carefully and jump over the buildings using ramps and park on the rooftop. Flying amazing car with a parachute is a new taste as flying bus is gone.

Game Play:
- Two type of Controls which work Automatic
- First Controls are for Car Controls like Car Engine Start and Break
- Second Controls are for Parachute. For Open and Close Parachute
- Camera View for Camera Angle Controls

Features of Parachute Ramp Car Parking:
- Amazing 3D environment and Graphics
- Realistic Physics Controls
- Various Ramp Car Models
- Time Controlled Missions and Levels
- Various exciting and challenging levels for best driving skills
- Great driving experience on building roofs
- Smooth steering control
- Realistic HD graphics with real physics for best driving experience

No need to read more, grab crazy car roof parking 3D lift and enjoy the thrilling levels."

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