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ParentalEQ:beat fear & anxiety

发行商: ParentalEQ
价格: 2.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Simple psychology coaching. Empowering parents of kids aged 5-12, improving emotional well-being & building resilience dealing with everyday worries, fears & anxiety.

Created by psychologists. Designed for parents.

The ParentalEQ: beat fear and anxiety app is for parents with kids aged 5-12 whose kids need to overcome challenges like fear of the dark, anxiety around dogs, worries about death and many more.

The modules in the program are self-paced and progressive. Each one contains:
- A micro-learning audio component - like a mini-podcast
- Parent-Child activities created by psychologists

There’s also a tracker & journal feature to monitor progress

We help parents understand the key topics and then give them the tools & guidance to work with their children.

We believe that parents are best placed to improve the emotional well-being (EQ) of their kids by improving their own ParentalEQ.

We want to help grow parent self-confidence and improve the parent-child relationship to achieve better outcomes for the parent and child.

Please go to for more info, our privacy policy and our T&Cs.
For emotionally strong families, join the movement for better parental EQ.


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8 条评价

Simple and effective

I was looking for something to help my son and his anxiety around school and friendships, before taking the step to go to a psychologist. The app gave some really simple and effective ways for me to help him, to get conversations happening and give his thoughts some ‘air’. Made me recognise some patterns in myself too. Found I had to focus on each one, but they’re so short and to the point it was easy to fit them in. It’s really helped him, and me, understand what he’s feeling and find ways to cope. Definitely recommend.


Parent tools in a cup

When I’m telling friends about this app I call it my ‘parents tools in a cup’ because it cost me the cost of a coffee and the modules & activities are ones I can do while sitting having a coffee. They are short but impactful and have really helped grow the connection with my daughter. She now finds it easier to tell me what she’s feeling and we talk together to sort out any worries or anxiety that comes up whether it’s about school, Covid or our last one was going for an injection and her fear of needles. It’s worked well for us and has boosted my own confidence in being able to talk about topics that prior to this app, I didn’t have the knowledge or didn’t know the best way to approach it. It breaks worries & anxiety down into understandable bite size chunks and the activities are really useful. I’m already seeing some situations diffused before they grow into something bigger. Very happy to recommend it.


Much More than I Expected!

This has been great to understand and break down what fear and anxiety actually are. I got this to help me with my son’s anxiety but it actually helps me with my own as well. Because I can understand my own feelings and what they mean I am having much healthier conversations with my son and connecting where before I would end up going in circles and completely missing the point and the opportunity to help us both! Well worth it. Simple, easily digestible and actionable.


Couldn’t be more timely for our family.

This app has been so helpful in giving me the confidence to discuss anxieties and worries with my boys. There’s been so many issues to navigate of late eg Corona virus, going back to school, worrying about family back home in the UK, that this couldn’t have come at a better time. The modules are easy to understand and have prompted so many conversations with my kids. I highly recommend it.


A deeper understanding of your child

This gave me some great tools to deep dive into my child’s psyche and develop a greater understanding of their fears, needs and wants. It showed me how to best meet them in their context and facilitate those tricky conversations.


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