Paris Chic

发行商: Lucium
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Paris Chic is a cute little doll dress-up game with a pretty wardrobe.

Make your friends a Paris Chic as seen on INSTAGRAM

From the makers of Chibi Me! Downloaded over 1.000.000 times with 5 star reviews!

Dress-up cute girl with chic clothes from her lovely wardrobe
Choose from hundreds of multi-color items
Mix and match clothes find your style
Save your favorite outfit to your Photo library
Export your doll as a sticker and use it on your own photo collages (as seen on instagram)
Randomize and enjoy the funny combinations
Share it with your friends

Get inspiration for your own drawings with hundreds of cute items!

Or just use it as your avatar..

Relax after a school day, playing with this little doll. She will warm your heart up with her lovely dresses ^^

Super cute character
Kawaii fashion wardrobe
Cosplay with your friends
Save it in your photo library
Use it as an avatar anywhere you want
Share it on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and other social media
Keeps you busy for a long time
Remedy for boredom during long flights, trips and waiting in line

Use the randomizer, it will make you smile
Change background, back hair, face, underwear, socks, hair, dresses, pants/ skirts, shirts, sweaters, coats, cloaks, accessories such as necklace, earring, bracelet, scarf, hat, hair accessories, shoes, almost everything!

Visit our Facebook page and Twitter, tell us what you would like her to wear next.

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